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Here are some tips on how to cover the first white hair

Cover White Hair :

Here are some tips on how to cover the first white hair. Hair color - It's between beauty remedies used by both men and women to solve the problem of how to cover the first white hair. In commerce and the hairdresser there are numerous types of hair dyes that vary not only in color but also by their composition. Are undoubtedly more durable, for example, the dye containing ammonia (1 to 2 months depending on the growth of hair) even though they may be too heavy for the hair and skin. That's why the market and hairdressers have proposed in recent years products free of ammonia but equally effective in covering gray hair. While equally delicate and especially environmentally friendly products are eco-bio as vegetable dyes that are making their way through the beauty products for hair. Henna - For those who love the natural remedies and should not cover a lot of white hair, is particularly suitable coloring with henna, a natural substance, non-toxic and environmentally friendly skin but does not guarantee results very durable. That's why the hairdressers would recommend to those who have many white hair and especially in areas that are not too visible. Colored shampoo - Other remedy to cover gray hair is to use a shampoo that does not contain ammonia colored and is much lighter and faster than a tint to the hairdresser. The results are good for those few white hair to cover, but also in this case are not too durable and must repeat the application after about 15 days. The beauty remedies given to those looking for a solution to the problem of how to cover the first white hair can be applied in two ways: the hairdresser, then making use of consulting and professional products, or at home with the do it yourself. In this case, it is always good to buy products of good quality and carefully follow the instructions of use. Also, last but not least for those who want to apply a dye alone, is being careful to cover all the white hair present on the head.

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